Re-contact and re-engage your clinical trial patients

Be the Partner's Shared Patient Platform allows you to maintain contact with patients from pre-screening to after the last visit, creating a long lasting partnership with your clinical trial patients

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A Novel Approach to Strategic Patient Engagement and Long-term Communication

Most patient engagement solutions focus on keeping patients in the trial.  But most patients contacted for trial participation are never enrolled in the trial.  These patients require significant investment and today have no way to maintain contact with trial sponsors.  Be the Partner offers a patient portal with a unique set of service packages to enable communication and keep patients in contact.

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As healthcare systems around the world are transforming towards the delivery of more personalized, outcomes-driven care, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly seeking to adopt more patient centric approaches in the developmentof new drugs and devices. But how does one go about conducting more “patient centric” trials? What does it mean for research sponsors, for investigative sites, and, most importantly, for patients participating to research studies?

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Where We Work - ​A Global Impact​

Clinical research is a global endeavor with various legal, regulatory, and cultural impacts.  Be the Partner is consistently expanding it's capabilities to consider these challenges and service more and more countries.  

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Start each study with guaranteed delivery of a personalized welcome note, with rich multimedia presentation of study objectives, outcomes of prior research, and other important information

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