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A Novel Approach to Strategic Patient Engagement and Long-term Communication

We are building the Global Trial Community with our biopharmaceutical customers and CRO partners during the recruitment, enrollment and execution of a clinical trial. Operational delivery and project management is performed globally by our CRO partners on behalf of the sponsor. Patients register in context of but independent of the trial. Patients create a personal and safe account using online registration.

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Where We Work - ​A Global Impact​
Now available in the following countries: 

Argentina • Australia • Belgium • Brazil • Canada • Czech Republic • Denmark • Finland • France • Germany • Hungary • Israel • Italy • Japan • Malaysia • Mexico • Netherlands • Poland • Romania • Russia • Spain • Sweden • Turkey • Ukraine • United Kingdom • United States

Please check with us for current country availability.

Our Products

BtP-Data Sharing

Enables individual data return of labs, vitals, body measurements, and medications directly to registered patients. Data are defined by the sponsor and delivered to Be the Partner from the sponsor ́s designated data warehouse using the SDTM standard.

Adaptable template for data return; variable content and frequency (after each visit, after defined visits, after the trial; or switch off)

Adaptable template for notification on availability of patient ́s data, study content, surveys, polls or other information.

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