Our Company

We are a technology company that is focused on how patients can use their health data to improve outcomes for themselves and others around the world.  We have offices in the Boston metropolitan area.  We collaborate with large pharmaceutical companies and leading CRO firms to understand their goals in connecting with clinical trial patients across and beyond their involvement in research to create patient-driven, data-centric communities that enable the industry to launch patient-centric initiatives through the use of our Global Trial Community.

Our Purpose

We improve the health and well-being of people by liberating their health data.

What Makes Us Different

The silos of health information - real clinical information, are beginning to open up.  Increasingly, patients are expressing their frustration with the complex world of health care by demanding transparency and access to information previously thought too complicated and too difficult to provide to them.  But as we open up new options for care to patients - they increasingly vote with their feet to those that promise greater access and collaboration in the management of their care.  Patients are no longer subjects, they are people.

At Be the Partner, we believe that patient-centricity starts with using patient data to understand the needs of every patient, and meet the patient where they want to be to deliver products and services.  Our Global Trial Community helps pharmaceutical companies around the globe connect to patients and their data to understand how to best design, recruit, and execute clinical trials that provide patients with a care option, accelerate the development of new and critical treatments, and re-invent how patients see their relationship with the industry.

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